The Carlton Tucker Sportsperson of the Year Award

Jane Sherrod

Jane Sherrod

Carlton Tucker Sportsperson of the Year Award 2020

The Carlton Tucker Sportsperson of the Year Award (CTSPOTY) is the highest honor the class association bestows upon its members.

Honoring a Hobie person for their contribution to the Hobie Way of Life

Early in 1994, Gigi Moore (HCA Chairperson at the time) enlisted Ted Lindley’s help in exploring a way to honor a Hobie person for their contribution to the Hobie Way of Life. Ted was the chairman of a committee of Gail Force (Division 12), Ron and Shirley Palmer (Division 2), and John Hauser (Division 2). The committee developed the nomination guidelines and how the award would be governed.

They created the concept of a perpetual trophy in the form of a commemorative book. Within the book the story of each honoree is chronicled. This prestigious book is displayed in a specially designed box. Each recipient receives a framed certificate as a keepsake.

Every year since 1995, the HCA has honored a Hobie sailor who by his or her unselfish attitude and commitment to our sport has set an example for all to enjoy “The Hobie Way of Life.” In 1998, posthumously honoring a great Hobie sailor, the name of the trophy was changed to the Carlton Tucker Sportsperson of the Year Award.

Carlton was one of the world’s most successful, talented and versatile multihull sailors. He won nine national championships on seven different boats — the Hobie 14, the Hobie 18, the Nacra 5.2, the Prindle 19, the Hobie 21, the Hobie 20, and the Stiletto 23 — and won the Alter Cup Championship three times. At the world level, he finished third in the 1988 Hobie 17 Worlds and second in that event in 1990.

He finished fifth in the Hobie 16 Worlds in 1986; and he was three times runner-up at the Hobie 18 Worlds. He also excelled at distance races, racing in the Worrell 1000 four times, with finishes of fifth, second, first and third. He won the Raid Mer de Chine 500-mile Race on the China Sea in the Philippines, and he twice finished third in the Hog’s Breath 1000, and finished second in the 1990 Tahiti Cat Challenge.

Tragically, Carlton suddenly passed away in May of 1998, leaving behind a wife (Mary Alice) and two young children – Kaye Marie and Jim Hampton.

Past winners of the Carlton Tucker Sportsmanship Award

  • 2020 Jane Sherrod, Div 6
  • 2019 Laura Sullivan, Div 4
  • 2018 Mike Montague, Div 3
  • 2016 Slim Johnson, Div 7
  • 2015 Steve Murray, Div 2
  • 2011 Bruce “Wrinklie” Fields, Division 14
  • 2010 Kelvin Tellinghuisen, Division 7
  • 2009 Sue and Ted Lindley, Division 2
  • 2008 Rick Buchanan, Division 2
  • 2007 Max Hinneberg, Division 5
  • 2006 Todd Wilson, Division 7
  • 2005 Lori Mohney, Division 10
  • 2004 Susan Korzeniewski, Division 16
  • 2003 Phil and Beverly Collins, Division 14
  • 2002 Doug Skidmore, Division 2
  • 2001 Cindy Phipps, Division 7
  • 2000 Stoney Douglas, Division 2
  • 1999 Armando Noriega, Sr., Division 13
  • 1998 Carlton Tucker, posthumously, Division 15
  • 1997 Marvin Gantsweg, posthumously, Division 2
  • 1996 Kitsy Amrheim, Division 10
  • 1995 Steve Latham (deceased), Division 12
  • 1994 Drake Barber and Bonnie Lee