Hobie Classes

The Hobie One-Design Concept

There are many different models (“classes”) of Hobie Cats to suit a variety of uses, crew weights and sailing styles. While several classes are predominantly recreational, the racing models are called “One-Design Classes” and modifications are stricly controled by a set of class rules. Some of the racing classes are “International Classes” as defined by the International Sailing Federation (ISAF), the governing body for the sport of sailing.
For the racing classes, the design and development of Hobie Catamarans are directed towards strict one-design classes where the true test is between sailors and sailing skill, and not boats. Any alterations to the hull form, construction, equipment, spars, sails or running rigging, as supplied by the builder except as is specifically authorized by the class rules, are a breach of the rules, both in spirit and in substance, and are prohibited. Hobie Catamarans are designed to be easy to sail with the least amount of trouble to owners. Boat and component changes, which have no direct bearing upon boat speed, are the only changes allowed. The intent and objective of the International Hobie Class Association (IHCA) rules are: • To keep each boat as equal, simple and cost free as possible by rigidly maintaining, without deviation, the one-design features of the Hobie Cat for class racing. • To increase boat speed only through the use of racing tactics and sailing skills To find out more about the different Hobie models and one-design classes, click on the links below.