The HCANA Guest Expert Program (GEP)

The Guest Expert Program began in 1999 as a venue for experienced Hobie sailors to share their knowledge and expertise. The program enables champion-level racers to give back to the world of sailing and advance the sport for other up and coming sailors. The HCANA is fortunate to have many wonderful Guest Experts who volunteer their time several times during the year, sharing their experiences and skills with others, realizing that all of us can continue to learn.

Wally Myers in GEP Mode

Wally Myers doing a chalk talk at the 2010 Rock Hall Junior Olympic Festival

HCANA Sanctioned Points Regattas

The typical GEP weekend includes some type of class session on Friday before your regatta, either on land or water, or both. Tactics, equipment, and rigging might be featured while on land – these topics evolve from you, the participants, as well as from our Guest Experts. After the chalk talk, on-the-water drills begin. They’re a valuable exercise to practice starts and mark roundings with the experts there to coach you! On Saturday, the usual regatta begins with our Guest Expert joining in the racing, and the expert discussion continues through the weekend with everyone having many questions and stories to share.

The sailing season will be here before we know it, and we’d love to see another big year of GEP activity. Get with your Fleet and start discussing the opportunity you have to enhance your next regatta by getting involved in the GEP Program!!!

Guest Expert Program Information and Requirements for Host Fleets/Divisions

The following information contains HCA policy for the ‘One Hobie Day’ seminar GEP. Please be aware that these requirements were instituted to:

  • provide a high quality GEP program, and
  • ensure that the volunteer Guest Expert’s time is used wisely.
  • Event ‘fair’ placement is a major objective of the GEP committee. Getting the program to Hobie sailors in all areas is paramount. Great care is taken to place GEP programs strategically across North America. If two bidding Fleets are geographically close or if that region has already hosted one in the last year, we would ask that group to pass until a later year.

We are looking for are large (for your area) regattas that can commit to a full day (the Friday before) seminar, with both on-land chalk talks and support for on-the-water drills.

The HCANA will provide:

  • the Guest Expert
  • his/her transportation to the event
  • a GEP ‘One Hobie Day’ outline
  • Hobie University booklets
  • Guest Expert’s thank you gift
  • as much help/guidance you may need to make the event successful.


Hosting Division/Fleet needs to provide:

  • a date (with a 2nd choice, if possible)
  • location (please include all the particulars)
  • contact person’s information


…and for the Guest Expert:

  • lodging
  • local transportation
  • meals/parties
  • a boat to sail in the regatta.

HCANA active fleet status for hosting Fleet is mandatory, and please plan for an announcement flier and a post-event article to be published in HOTLINE. For information about the Guest Expert Program, contact:

Bridget Quatrone

412 Radcliffe Rd
Dewitt, NY 13214

Tel: 315-446-9868