Membership in the largest one-design catamaran class in the world provides many benefits, both tangible and intangible. In addition to supporting noble causes, like the Guest Expert and Youth programs, a healthy class association helps maintain the resale value of your boat!

Become a member by sending us the HCANA Membership form or click the “Join Now” button.


The IHCA Class Rules require at least one crewperson on each boat be a class member to participate in class-sanctioned events (Points Regattas). Membership is also required to be included in the North American Competitor Ranking System. At the North American Championships, all crewpersons on each boat are required to be class members. Fortunately, there are several levels of membership, most of which cost less than a night at the movies!


IHCA Membership (eligibility to race in HCA points regattas, NAs and Worlds), support for Guest Expert Programs, Youth Programs and subscription to HCA HOTLINE magazine.

TOP CAT – $150

Patrons, sponsors and corporate members. Same benefits as Standard, with special recognition in the HCA HOTLINE magazine.

FAMILY – $35 each

Standard and Top Cat members may purchase additional memberships for family members living at the same address.Same benefits as Standard, but no additional copies of the magazine.


Same benefits as Standard, for non-family youth members. Must be under the age of 21 as of December 31 of the membership year.