The ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing, Appendix J1 outlines the items that shall be included in an NOR:

  1. the title, place and dates of the race and name of the organizing authority;
  2. that the race will be governed by the rules as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing;
  3. a list of any other documents that will govern the event (for example, The Equipment Rules of Sailing, to the extent that they apply), stating where or how each document or a copy of it may be seen;
  4. the classes to race, any handicap or rating system that will be used and the classes to which it will apply, conditions of entry and any restrictions on entries;
  5. the times of registration and warning signals for the practice race, if one is scheduled, and the first race, and succeeding races if known.
  6. you can not change the Hobie Class Rules without contacting the IHCA. There may need to be ISAF approval before any class rule is granted.

However, for major Hobie events, there are additional requirements relating to publication in the HOTLINE and the Hobie Class:

Organizing Authority

Unless otherwise arranged, the Organizing Authority on the NOR shall be the Hobie Class Association of North America, in conjunction with the local fleet / yacht club or other organization that are members of US Sailing or other member national authority.


If the event is held in the United States and international entries are expected (for example Canadian or Puerto Rican), then the following verbiage should be included: “This is an international competition; therefore, pursuant to the US Sailing prescription to RRS 88.2, the US Sailing prescription to RRS 40 will not apply.” This will allow competitors to wear non-USCG approved personal flotation devices (Zhik, Gill and other brands of CE-Approved “buoyancy aids”).

Liability Waivers / Indemnity Agreements

Many venues and clubs will insist on a competitor waiver of liability which is OK. However, a US Sailing prescription (RRS 82) prohibits “hold harmless” or “indemnity agreements.” and they should not be allowed. Consult legal advice if it becomes an issue.

Publication Requirements

Area Championship and North American Championship NORs are entitled to a full page, four-color NOR published in the HOTLINE at no charge to the event. The NOR must be a high-quality, professionally produced document – please refer to the examples below. It must be submitted to the HOTLINE at least four months in advance of the event to ensure timely publication. Preferred submission format is high-resolution PDF.