Hobie Class Association Members earn points for competing in class-sanctioned events. This allows competitors to compare their performance across the entire continent, even if they are unable to travel beyond their home division. How are the points determined? Read me Regatta Organizers – it is your responsibility to submit the scores to the HCANA Scorekeeper

Notes from the scoring desk

Womens and Youth rankings:

Based on gender and age in the membership database, competitors are automatically included in these rankings. You must also be a member.


These are as used to generate the rankings.I strip out any classes that do not qualify for HCA points and modify the format a bit to run through our automated system.

Rankings by Division:

You can now see how you rank in your division.The rules are the same as for the North American rankings, 5 best points regattas count, North American Championship also counts as an event.

You must be an HCA member and have a division specified in the HCA membership database to be included in a division.

HCA membership numbers:

Membership numbers are now used to identify sailors when they are included in submitted scores.The HCA number is checked against the current membership list to determine the sailor’s current status. Numbers that don’t match the name are discarded. If no HCA number is supplied then we will attempt to use the skipper’s name to determine membership status.

What is your name?

Please use names as they appear in the membership file when you register at a regatta if possible. Please ask regatta scorers to correct your name spelling if it is not correct.This avoids confusion. If your name is wrong in the membership file please send a note to the Membership Chair – hobiemembership@gmail.com –to get it fixed.

These are the names that will be used in the class ranking files.

Missing points?

If you are missing a total it probably means that your membership is not showing up in the latest membership file. Anyone not in the membership file will not be ranked. Spelling or name problems can affect this also.

File submission:

Please include date and regatta name in the file submitted. Don’t use separate files for each class. I have included a new preferred format that shows multiple classes.

  • HTML (web pages) or links and Excel files are ok.
  • Please, no Word documents or PDF files as they don’t process well.
  • The files need to be in Excel format before they can be entered.
  • I have been able to convert most files that have been submitted by copying them into Excel.

Race Committee Points:

To be awarded Race committee points, please include the member’s name who is to receive the points in the scoring file with correct class specified and RC as a finish position. I updated the scoring submissions example with an RC example line.

Please see the example for data submission formatting . Scores can be submitted by email tohobiescores@yahoo.com If you see Gary Richards please thank him for making this all possible with his excel macro wizardry.