What is Regatta Network?

Regatta Network is web-based registration and scoring solution that is tied in with the HCANA’s membership database. Class membership is verified when competitors register on-line, greatly reducing the on-site registration staff’s workload.

How does it work?

Your fleet or club can either set up an account with Regatta Network, or you can use the HCANA’s account to collect registration fees. Regatta Network will send you a check for the fees collected (less their charges) twice monthly. If you use the HCANA’s account, we will send you checks for the amount we receive from Regatta Network as you need money for the event, and then a reconciliation shortly after the conclusion of the event.

Why should we use it?

Competitors can pay registrations via credit card or PayPal on-line – it’s extremely convenient. Regatta Network handles the membership verification so you don’t have to. You can sell merchandise (shirts, meals) on-line too. Late fees are enforced in the system. Scoring is done on-line and is available immediately on the web.

Why shouldn’t we use it?

The only reason for not using Regatta Network is if there is no internet access at a venue. With the prevalence of cellular data plans, this is becoming less and less of a problem.

What does it cost?

Regatta Network charges 7% of all registrations, including ones where they do not actually collect the funds (on-site registrations). They charge 9% for international registrations and 4.5% for merchandise and other charges. They cover all the credit card and PayPal charges for all transactions processed through them. The charge is 10% for non-US Sailing (or other MNA) member club account.

How do we get started?

To start an account with Regatta Network, sign-up on their system. To use the HCANA’s account, contact the Race Director or Membership Chair (contact info here).

Regatta Network usage is strongly encouraged for all HCANA Sanctioned Points Regattas.