Casey Larson & Ben Brown

2011 Hobie 16 Youth NA Champs Youth

Program Director

Chris Bradshaw
5285 W 219 Terrace Bucyrus, KS 66013


If you’re under 21, whether you’re into racing or just like to fly a little hull once in a while, you are a Hobie Youth and this page is for you! Check it out!

The “youts” would like to thank the North American Hobie Class general membership for the donations made to the youth program. Monies collected have been used in the grant program and for cool activities at our Hobie 16 Youth Championships. 

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Racing Weights – Crew, Boat
Wondering what minimum crew weight is for your Hobie? Minimum boat weight? Then look no further…Maximum ballast allowable is 50 lbs.

Boat TypeMinimum Crew WeightMinimum Boat Weight
Wave120 lbs251
Dragoon198 lbs220.5
Hobie 14none240
Hobie 14 Turbo150 lbs240
Hobie 16285 lbs320
Hobie 16 Youth250 lbs320
Hobie 16 Women260 lbs320
Hobie 17160 lbs330
Hobie 18295 lbs400
Hobie 18SX310 lbs455
Hobie Tiger308 lbs396
Hobie 20295 lbs420
Hobie Fox332 lbs419
Hobie 21330 lbs565