Hobie® 2017 Multiworlds and Europeans updates

Hobie® 2017 Multi Worlds & Europeans – Noordwijk, The NetherlandsThe Dutch Hobie Cat class association together with Coastal Sailing club Noordwijk are very proud to invite all Hobie Cat sailors and aficionados to join us for the Hobie® 2017 Multi Worlds & Europeans. In the last week of July ’17, the beautiful village of Noordwijk will be the playground for all eligible Hobie classes to compete in their respective World or European Championships.In recent years, the Dutch Hobie CA revitalised Hobie sailing in The Netherlands, always a stronghold for the brand since its introduction. We observe a growth in Hobie sailing especially in the Hobie 16 and Hobie Dragoon in recent years. In hosting the Worlds and Europeans, we hope to confirm our position back in the hotspot of catsailing: the Hobie Cat. By choosing Noordwijk as the venue for this event, we are convinced we will offer everyone a time of their life!

The Zeilvereniging Noordwijk ZVN, the local sailing club, is the oldest of its kind in our country, celebrating its 60th anniversary in 2017. The club, with over 300 memberships and 200 births, is located centrally on the beach of Noordwijk, close to the shopping centre, hotels and guesthouses and the vibrant “De Grent”, the strip with bars and restaurants. Boats and trailers can be parked in front of the club and next to the tented village of the event organization. Choose your accommodation right and you won’t need your car for the rest of the week.

The racing schedule starts with the Hobie 14 Worlds and the Europeans for Hobie Dragoon and Hobie 16 youth spi for four consecutive days. In the first weekend, traditionally the Hobie 16 specials will compete for the title H16 EHCA Spi Cup, H16 Women, Masters, Grandmasters and Great Grandmasters. After the weekend the Hobie 16 Open qualifiers will start and from Wednesday on, the Hobie 16 Open Europeans will compete in the Gold and Silver Fleet. Hobie Wild Cat will start their Worlds, together with the European Championships for Hobie FX One and Hobie Tiger a.k.a. IHCA International Cup.

In the annual Dutch Dragoon Cup in Zeeland we have up to 30 youth teams sailing the Hobie Dragoon. We therefore hope to meet World Sailing requirements of 25 teams from 5 countries and 2 continents so the next Hobie Dragoon event can be a Worlds again. In The Netherlands as well as in Belgium and Italy, Dragoon is very popular amongst youngsters. To meet WS requirements, we offer our help in having Dragoons available for charter.

Next to sailing, the famous Hobie way of life will be celebrated throughout the whole event. With opening ceremonies on Friday and Tuesday and price giving’s on Sunday and Saturday, the social non-sailing programme only starts. Official ceremonies will offer live music a/o DJ’s. In every “half” of the schedule, at least one dinner will be included for participants. But the tented village will offer daily drinks & snacks with entertainment and the possibility to have dinner. For family and friends, a broad variety of non-sailing activities will be offered, ranging from cultural and historic visits to e.g. Amsterdam, Haarlem of Leiden and their museums, SUP and wave surfing clinics for youngsters et cetera. Noordwijk itself offers the ESA visitors centre “Space Expo” and over 50 different restaurants, bars and clubs to enjoy.

Being a popular summer holiday destination, competitors are advised to book their accommodation early. Entering before January 31, 2017 gives the advantage of the lowest entry fee. Therefore, we would appreciate if all national Hobie Cat associations will promote the event through the official website: www.hobieworlds.com

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask! From The Netherlands, we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year already and hope to meet you next summer!

Sailor’s Greetings,

Klaas van Duin, chairman DHCA info@hobieclass.nl

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